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Hearing loss solutions

Why two hearing aids are better than one

A more natural listening experience

Hearing with both ears allows for a rich, balanced and full sound experience. Therefore, it is important to consider two hearing aids if both ears have some form of hearing loss.

Benefits of wearing two hearing aids:

  • Safety

    A monaural listener will wonder “Where is that sound coming from?” when someone speaks. They can also never tell the direction a car is coming from, which compromises safety. Binaural listening gives the listener a sense of location and the ability to locate sounds horizontally, vertically and 360 degrees in all directions. 

  • Wider hearing range

    A voice barely heard at three metres with one ear, can be heard up to ten metres away with two ears.

  • Both ears stay active

    Use it or lose it! If only one ear is used and the other is deprived of sound for prolonged periods of time, the unused ear will find it difficult to recognise sounds the way it once did. Additionally, when the two halves of our brain are not sharing their signals, auditory intelligence is reduced. Binaural hearing help the ears get the messages to both sides of the brain, thus increasing your auditory intelligence. 

  • Improved listening, especially in noisy places

    Selective listening is easier to achieve as hearing with both ears helps you understand individual voices with greater clarity.

  • Better sense of balance

    Monaural hearing makes sounds seem shallow, flat and unnatural. Our brain has the ability to hear in stereo but requires sounds to be delivered by both ears. Sounds are then more natural and can be understood more clearly. 

  • Smoother tone quality

    Less power is needed when two hearing aids are worn. The benefits of binaural hearing are that loud sounds are more comfortable and listening is less stressful.  

  • Increased satisfaction

    Majority of hearing aid users report a significant difference in sound quality when wearing monaural or binaural hearing aids. Two aided ears are the only way to fully enjoy the 3-D world we live in. 

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