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What we do

Beyond selling hearing aids

At Digisound Hearing, we believe no one should live with an untreated hearing loss. We have made it our mission to provide outstanding professional audiological services and care to our clients, improving theirs and their loved one's quality of life.

Your hearing is important and we know it is imperative for you to choose the right people to look after it. At Digisound Hearing, we spend time getting to know you and what you care about so we can offer you an excellent hearing experience. We look forward to supporting you throughout every stage of your journey towards better hearing.

We’re never far away when you need us

With hearing centres all around Singapore, we are able to cater to your needs at your convenience. Whether you are looking for information or advice or would like to arrange to come and see us in our cosy centre, we are always here to help.

We care for your health

With more than 10 years of experience in hearing healthcare, you can trust us to look after you and your loved one’s hearing. At Digisound Hearing, we will tailor your experience to suit you and your lifestyle. We have helped many people overcome hearing loss and we look forward to helping you as well.

We understand one size does not fit all

We offer a wide range of hearing aids and we keep up-to-date with the latest and greatest advances in hearing aid technology. Hence, we are confident we can find the perfect solution for your hearing and lifestyle.

Our professional team

Our team of certified experienced audiologists, audiometrists and hearing care professionals receive regular training to remain up-to-date with the technological advancements and audiological information. We pride ourselves on providing a professional and friendly service.

Digisound Hearing can help you hear better. Let’s work towards better hearing together! 

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