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Hearing loss solutions

The cost of hearing aids

Purchasing hearing aids can be a big decision and you may have many questions about your investment. For example, “How much do hearing aids cost?”, “Why do prices vary so much?”, “Am I getting the best price and service compared to other companies?”, “Can I use CPF or Medisave for my hearing aids?”; “Are there any special discounts?” – the list can be endless.

At Digisound Hearing, you can find hearing aids that meet your budget, lifestyle and most importantly your hearing needs…and you’ll never buy a hearing aid without trying it first!

What determines the cost of hearing aid?

There are many types of hearing aids produced by different manufacturers for varying hearing loss and the price range can vary. Factors that affect hearing aid price include technology level, hearing aid style and its features. It is important to consider your personal budget against your hearing needs. Our Hearing Care Professionals are here to advise you on the options and relevant features that will improve your hearing experience.

What is included in the cost of a hearing aid?

Buying hearing aids is an investment and not an off-the-shelf solution you can purchase. Other than the cost of hearing aids, consider the level of aftercare services you will receive. At Digisound Hearing, we believe our service is the best as we understand that when it comes to hearing better, the expertise, care, and advice you get is just as important as your hearing aids. Included with your hearing aid purchase, we offer a lifetime of free aftercare which includes adjustments, 6 monthly hearing check-ups, servicing, up to 3 years warranty and re-assessments.


  • What are the payment options available at Digisound Hearing?

    • Cash / Cheque
    • Credit Card
    • OCBC 0% interest FREE 12 months instalment
  • Can I use CPF / Medisave to pay for my hearing aids?

    Unfortunately, payment via CPF / Medisave is currently unavailable. Whilst we agree that hearing aids are a necessity for those with a hearing loss and can enhance their safety and quality of life, MOH stated in 2012 that, “Medisave is designed primarily to help cover members’ hospitalisation bills. To ensure there is sufficient money in each Singaporean’s Medisave account for hospitalisation needs, there are safeguards to limit the withdrawals.” However, low-income earners may be able to apply for Assistive Technology Fund (ATF)*.
    *Subjected to SG Enable’s means testing.

  • We are dedicated to provide affordable hearing aids

    We believe no one should live with an untreated hearing loss, therefore we never want our customers to walk away without a solution. Our trusted Hearing Care Professionals will work with you to find an affordable solution for your needs.

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