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At Digisound Hearing, we have helped many people hear and feel better. Let our clients tell you about their experience.

Miss Toh Yu Yin, test

I have been a customer of Digisound Hearing since my schooling days, 8 years ago. I have purchased two sets of hearing aids from them, the second pair an upgrade 5 years after the first pair. As a repeat customer, I have been acquainted with a few hearing care consultants. They have always provided me with consistently warm and personable service, taking care to explain when I had any questions and to ensure my level of comfort was optimum.

Florence Tan, 60 years old, Social worker

After getting my new hearing aids, I realise that I should not have delayed for around 3 years in getting it. I am now more confident and sociable. The service I get at Digisound Hearing is also excellent and the consultant is really very knowledgeable and well versed in the product. If you need a hearing aid, get it, don’t delay.

Mr. Ng H.T, 85 years old, Retiree

Digisound Hearing has very good service. My grandfather only wants to visit Digisound Hearing for servicing and any issues related to his hearing. The consultant has very excellent service, answers questions and doubts in detail, is friendly and always provide a solution for that suits our needs.

Mr. Lim Ging Buk, 70 years old, Retiree

Before I came to Digisound Hearing, I was wearing hearing aids from another company. However the effects were not satisfying. I have not changed my hearing service provider ever since I came to Digisound Hearing 12 years ago. Their service is very good. They are also able to professionally adjust my hearing aids according to the problem or feedback I’ve given. The end result is very satisfying to my ears. This is also why I have the confidence to introduce Digisound Hearing to my friends, as I hope that they will solve their hearing difficulties and enjoy a better quality of life.

Miss Yeo S.L., Office Worker

I have received very good service at Digisound Hearing. The consultant is very patient and takes the time to understand my lifestyle before recommending an appropriate hearing aid to fix my hearing loss. There was no hard-selling, only explanation and recommendation.

Mr. Philip Lee, 51 years old

I am a returning customer of Digisound Hearing. The consultants are very professional and know their products very well. This is my second pair of hearing aids and is very happy using it. Thank you for offering excellent customer service and free lifetime service for customers.

Mdm Gan S.T, 退休人士

很好的服务,非常有耐心。 使用迪生听力产品后,我的听力得到了极大的改善。 顾问非常有知识,并提供良好的详细的意见。 我们对收到的服务非常满意。 谢谢。

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