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About us

Our dedicated Hearing Care Professional Team

Digisound Hearing brings together the expertise of Audiologists, Audiometrists and Hearing Care Consultants over six centres to deliver personalised and friendly hearing care services to help more than 9000 clients. Come meet our professional team to know more about your hearing health. 

Daris Tanciano (MClAud)

Daris Tanciano (MClAud) graduated from University of Santo Tomas with Masters in Clinical Audiology, where she then practiced as a Clinical Audiologist. She has since been in full-time private practice in Singapore and is a member of the Society of Audiology Professionals Singapore.

Daris' interests lie in the area of Geriatric with a focus on aural rehabilitation through hearing aid fitting. Daris strongly believes in and regularly attends courses and seminars for continued professional development. Her consultation is highly focused on evaluating, listening and counselling individuals with a high level of personal care. A successful hearing aid fitting gives her joy when her clients become more sociable and engaged.

Daris is fluent in English and Tagalog. With her focus on a patient-centered treatment approach, she strives to provide personalised treatments to suit every need.

Raynee Wu

Miss Raynee Wu is a certified Audiometrist with more than 10 years of experience in the hearing industry. She holds a keen interest in hearing aid fitting and adjustment, where she constantly attend courses from manufacturers to master the product technology.

Raynee is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Bahasa Malay. Through her clinical experience, she has developed strong communication skills. Her ability to communicate clearly to her clients helps her to foster a high level of trust, putting them at ease and encourage a two-way communication. She believes a patient-centric, interactive consultation will maximise a hearing aid user’s experience.

Raynee finds her profession more than just fitting a hearing aid in a person’s ear. It is about removing the stigma against hearing aids and letting them know what they have been missing in their life, ultimately improving their quality of life.

Fann Khoo

Miss Fann Khoo, a senior Hearing Care Consultant, has been in the medical industry for more than 5 years. Fann also participates in Hearing Foundations around the world as a Fitting Audiometrist to help the underprivileged hear better.

Fann places great emphasis on auditory training and remains in touch with recent advancements in hearing aid rehabilitation research. She loves to help clients and their family members understand how hearing works and how important it is to be proactive in checking their hearing health.

Fann is fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese and Hokkien. Through her years as a Hearing Care Professional, Fann has found that good client-clinician rapport is key to ensuring successful fitting. With this in mind, Fann aims to provide comprehensive treatment to clients by tailoring her approach to suit individual needs, with the aim of minimising hearing aid fitting anxiety and stigma.

Fann enjoys hearing from her clients and their family members how better hearing has brought about positivity and improved their quality of life. This keeps her going and wanting to help more people each day.

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