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Hearing & Hearing Loss

How hearing loss affects us?

Many research has shown that untreated hearing loss has considerable effects on development as well as negative social, psychological, cognitive and health effects. Some may even have far-reaching implications that go well beyond hearing alone.

Personal impact

The main and most noticeable impact is the loss of ability to communicate with others. Recent research has also shown that uncorrected hearing loss not only affects those with hearing impairment but it also affects their loved ones. As a result of your hearing loss, loved ones may find it difficult to communicate and often have to shout or repeat themselves. This leads to an unwillingness to interact and subsequently can affect the quality of your relationships.

Social and emotional impact

Hearing loss can lead to a poorer quality of life. Isolation, insecurity and social exclusion are the common experiences of those suffering from hearing impairments. Words like “never mind” and “forget it” from loved ones can lead to despair and annoyance. These feelings can easily lead to emotional instability, depression and deteriorating social relationships, eventually social rejection and loneliness.

Economic impact

People with hearing loss may experience reduced job performance or productivity and hence, earning power. Research shows when fitted with suitable hearing aids, they tend to have a higher earning potential.

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