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The Phonak Audéo™ Marvel hearing aid makes hearing in any surroundings crisp and clear. It pushes the boundaries of hearing technology for clear sound quality, linking up to everyday devices to give you a better hearing experience whatever you’re doing.

Discover the world first with revolutionary technology!

Connect the Phonak Audéo ™ Marvel directly to your smartphone. Experience the sound of TV and music in high quality directly from your hearing aid and with hands-free calling. The eco-friendly battery provides a whole day listening pleasure.

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Revolutionary technology and unique sound quality

The Phonak Audéo ™ Marvel automatically adjusts to your surroundings and delivers clear and rich sounds sounds.
  • Detects more listening situations than ever before 1 and adapts automatically
  • Better speech intelligibility - even in background noise or noisy environments
  • Clear sound quality
marvel hearing

Wireless connections - for your relaxed everyday life

Marvel wireless
  • Connect the Phonak Audéo ™ Marvel wirelessly to many popular electronic devices such as smartphones or TVs
  • The hearing aid is compatible with most smartphones - whether Android or iPhone (iOS)
  • Direct audio streaming to both ears - hearing aids can be used like wireless headphones

Rechargeable Battery Technology - Powerful & Durable

  • Fast charging
  • LED battery power status display on the hearing aid
  • Listening for a whole day including wireless features like phone calls or TV / music
  • Automatic switch-off when placed in the charger and automatic restart after charging
  • Durable battery - up to 6 years

Phonak remote app

Practical remote control for your hearing aid:
  • Display of the wearing time
  • Volume adjustment
  • Program control
  • Indication of battery charge level
marvel phone app

1 Source: Rodrigues, T., & Liebe, S. (2018). AutoSense OS ™ 3.0. The new & enhanced automatic operating system. Phonak Insight, Source:

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