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What’s new with Belong? 

Rechargeable Model 

You no longer need to worry about replacing the batteries or running out of power. These hearing aids are built with ground-breaking rechargeable lithium-ion batteries, offering 24 hours* of hearing with one simple charge. If you are ever in a hurry, a short 30 minute charge will give you up to six hours of full performance. 

Industry Leading Processor

Your Belong hearing aids analyses the sounds around you every 0.4 seconds and can intelligently identify whether you are in a noisy restaurant, car, concert hall or at home. This means you can enjoy unmatched hearing performance and sound quality, without having to adjust your hearing aids manually. 

Binaural VoiceStream Technology 

This is designed to tackle challenging listening situations, such as in a party, by stimulating your brain with sounds from both ears. This linking of two hearing aids allows you to benefit from hearing speech binaurally, especially in a noisy environment, on the phone or when you can’t face the person you are speaking to. 

Running on Autosense OS operating system, Phonak rechargeable hearing aids seamlessly adapt to sounds wherever you are. It is fully automatic, giving you effortless listening everywhere. Without having to adjust your hearing aids manually, you can enjoy unmatched hearing performance...wherever life takes you. 

*When fully charged and up to 80minutes wireless streaming time. Please refer to www.phonakpro.com/evidence

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