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Hearing & Hearing Loss

Finding out for a loved one

Help your loved one stay connected

Does someone you love always have the television on too loud? Are you feeling frustrated because you constantly have to repeat yourself? Has this person started withdrawing from conversations? Hearing loss is more common than you think. With 1 in 6 people in Singapore experiencing hearing loss, there is a high chance that someone you know has some kind of hearing problem. 

At Digisound Hearing, we understand what hearing loss feels like, not only for the person experiencing problems but also for their friends and family. We'll work together with you to understand your individual situation and offer the right level of support.

Understand Hearing Loss is Stressful

It is important to recognise how stressful living with hearing loss can be. People with hearing loss tend to feel frustrated, isolated, tired or in denial. When they have difficulties understanding and participating in a conversation they may blame themselves and others. It is important to be aware that even after hearing loss has been identified, they may be reluctant to recognise the severity or even treat it.

How to encourage your loved one

Try to find quiet places with as little background noise as possible to have a one-on-one conversation face-to-face. This will help make sure your loved one can hear and understand you easily. Here are some tips on how to encourage them:

  • Ask if they want you to schedule and attend a free hearing consultation with them. It is recommended that each of us gets a baseline test so even if it reveals no loss, you will have taken a step toward better hearing health
  • Remind your loved one how common hearing loss is (affecting 1 in 6 Singaporeans)
  • Discuss the benefits of being able to hear well again, like enjoying family occasions
  • Let them know hearing aids have changed. They are now small, highly effective and compatible with many other technologies like mobile phones and television
  • Attend our hearing health talk together for more information 

Be Patient

Be aware for those in denial it may take more encouragement. Be patient and continue to raise awareness by gently noting instances such as when they mishear or you are having to repeat yourself, to raise awareness of how much it impacts both your lives.

If you spot any signs of hearing loss in a friend or family member, you may want to suggest that they get their hearing checked. Book your appointment online or call us at +65 6338 9626 to schedule your


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