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2017 Consumer’s Guide to Hearing Aids

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One in 6 Singaporeans has from some of hearing loss. However, it often goes unrecognized as hearing loss happens gradually, making it hard to identify. It takes one approximately 5 to 6 years before one seeks help to correct their hearing loss. This may be due to the denial of hearing loss, lack of understanding regarding hearing loss and/or hearing aids, or simply, does not know where to begin.

Why is hearing health important?

Hearing is an essential part of our life and enables us to communicate, socialize and work, keeping us connected to the world. Left unattended, hearing loss may affect one’s mental health, leading to loneliness, depression and heightened risk of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

What should I do if I think myself or a loved one has hearing loss?

The first step should be a professional hearing examination conducted by an audiologist or hearing aid professional. This will help to determine the level and type of your hearing loss. The proper treatment with either medical attention of a hearing aid will be recommended. With today’s modern technology, many hearing losses can be successfully corrected with a hearing aid.

How do I know which brand of hearing aid and which model suits me most?

There are approximately 22 worldwide hearing aid manufacturers producing exceptional quality hearing aids. Which brand and type are suitable for you is determined by your audiogram results, your lifestyle and your cosmetic requirements. Your hearing care professional will assist you in selecting the most suitable hearing aid and guide you to get the most out of your hearing aids.

The Consumer’s Guide to Hearing aids covers everything you need to know to get started on a better hearing health journey. It includes information on:

  • What is hearing loss? Why do you hear but not understand?
  • What to expect from your hearing aids?
  • Wireless listening
  • Hearing aids comparison across brands and technology features
  • How to get started for a better hearing health journey

Hearing may not simply be about listening. It’s the enjoyment and communal experience that matters. It is key to establishing relationships, giving you your personal and social identity.

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