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Hearing loss solutions

Benefits of hearing aids

On average, it can take someone with a hearing loss five to seven years to seek advice. That’s seven years of misunderstanding, frustration and asking people to repeat themselves. To this day, most people still associate hearing aids with ageing or as a sign of weakness. Sometimes, an individual’s vanity can prevent them from seeking a solution sooner. In actual face, hearing aids not only improve your hearing, they also improve your overall quality of life.

7 benefits of having a hearing aid

  • Stay safe

    Not only do you become aware of hazards more quickly, you also recognise where the danger is coming from more reliably.
  • Improved wellbeing

    Living with a hearing loss can be physically and mentally exhausting as you are having to constantly strain to hear and interpret what’s going on around you. With a treated hearing loss, your confidence will grow and you will feel less isolated in social situations.
  • Missing out

    Whether it’s the telephone, doorbell or announcements on the train, you are much less likely to miss auditory cues and information.
  • Less frustration

    You no longer have to ask people to repeat themselves or to speak louder. The TV and radio volume will be turned down, providing more acceptable noise levels for yourself and more importantly for those around you.
  • Healthy mind

    Several studies have linked untreated hearing loss to an increased risk of developing dementia and reduced cognitive functioning. By treating hearing loss sooner, the cognitive decline associated with hearing loss may be slowed down.
  • Stronger relationships

    You understand your family and friends better as you perceive not only words but also emphasis, nuances, soft sounds and volume.
  • A richer life

    Several studies have shown that even slight hearing loss reduces earning potential as you become less effective in the workplace. Restoring confidence in your hearing means life, both financially and personally is more meaningful as communication becomes easier.

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