1 in 6 Singaporeans has some form of hearing loss, that is approximately 934, 500 people. However, not all 934, 500 people have done a hearing test or to seek help to correct their loss. There are 2 main reasons for this – Not sure how to and don’t want to. Today, we are going to answer those who are not sure how to seek help and are too afraid to approach a hearing care centre. 

A hearing care centre is just like any other clinic, similar to your Doctor or glasses shop. It is encouraged that you book an appointment prior to your visit as your first consultation can take up to 90 minutes. We have found that long waiting time or a rushed appointment can reduce a person’s interest in their hearing health. You will benefit only with a full appointment and a detailed explanation regarding your hearing health.  

The whole appointment takes approximately 90 minutes. When you attend your appointment, the first 10 minutes will be spent knowing your Hearing Care Professional. Your medical history, symptoms, and reason for the visit will be discussed. We will also find if there are any times you struggle to hear clearly.

After which, we will examine the general health of your ears, checking for wax buildup or obstructions. A simple hearing test will then be conducted to measure your hearing sensitivity. Once the hearing test is completed, our Hearing Care Professional will explain your hearing results and work with you to find the right solution if you need any. You will be referred to your GP/ENT if we discover any medical conditions. If you need hearing aids, you will also try them to feel the difference in your listening experience.  Lastly, a follow-up will be scheduled, and you are well on your way to better hearing! 

It’s simple as that. All you have to do now is to pick up your phone and call us at 6338 9626 for a Free Hearing Test or book your appointment here