We know when you consider hearing aids, looks matter too. With their team of innovative engineers, Phonak has launched their latest innovation, the super discreet hearing aid – Virto B Titanium.


We have consolidated four reasons why you must try Virto B Titanium: 

It’s so small no one can see how well you hear

Virto B Titanium is up to 26% smaller than its predecessor, making it the smallest Phonak in-the-ear hearing aid ever!

Custom-made from Titanium to fit perfectly in your ear 

Made from medical grade Titanium, it is incredibly strong, light-weight and durable. Also thanks to its hypoallergenic properties, titanium makes for an optimal material for in-the-ear hearing aids. All these increases the comfort of wearing hearing aids!

Fully automatic 

Virto B Titanium adapts to every sound environment automatically to optimized hearing performance and sound quality everywhere…wherever life takes you.

Greater fitting range for more hearing loss 

Titanium shell are 50% thinner than standard IIC acrylic shells. The electronic components are also 60% smaller, creating more space for an integrated superpower receiver. This means greater hearing loss is catered!