As we were doing a Roger Pen demonstration to a client, he asked, “Why do I need more devices when my hearing aid should help me hear better?”

Indeed, a hearing aid corrects a hearing loss and helps you hear better…in a close proximity. Occasionally, for some people, such as students and working adults who frequent meetings, an Assistive Listening Device (ALD) is needed.

When do you need an ALD?
If you are in these 3 situations frequently, an ALD may benefit you:

  1. You are frequently in an environment where the speaker is very far from you
  2. You are frequently in an environment with loud background noise / when you can’t hear clearly whenever background noise is present
  3. Your environment has reverberation (e.g. church, lecture halls)

In these 3 situation, even with hearing aids, the signal-to-noise ratio is not maximised, hence, speech intelligibility and clarity is compromised.

Which ALD should I use?
There are many different ALD in the market that suits different hearing aids and different needs. For example, if you only want to hear the television clearer and stream music or phone conversation to your hearing aids, the Phonak Compilot II and TV Link or Unitron uDirect3 and uTV3 will suit you. If you are a student in MOE schools, MOE funds the Phonak Roger Inspiro for better learning. If you are in polytechnic, universities or a working adult where meetings and lecture halls are common, a Phonak Roger Pen may be your choice.

Every hearing aid brand has their compatible ALD. Be sure to speak to your audiologist about ALD if you are frequently in the above 3 situations.